As a positive role model for the nursing profession and the JMU community, the School of Nursing recognizes that we are all members of a team and draw from the strength of team members, and actively support a mentoring culture. We affirm a standard of excellence in our behaviors by committing to growth in our professional roles, being fully prepared and present for the demands of each day. Our School of Nursing workplace commits to:


  • Honor the diversity of perspectives, time, roles, and individuality by being present and reflective while treating others with dignity and equal value.
  • Respect each individual’s effort to achieve personal and professional fulfillment by offering support, encouragement, and opportunity for growth.


  • Communicating mindfully with all individuals we encounter by being open, honest, nonjudgmental; receptive to input; and seeking to make the best decisions for the greater good above personal preference.
  • Active listening by using appropriate eye contact, limiting interruptions, and offering reflective feedback.
  • Respectful nonverbal communication by being mindful of body language.


  • Recognizing that healthy conflict presents an opportunity for personal and professional growth.
  • Speaking directly to the party or parties involved when conflict arises.
  • Honest conversation regarding past, present and/or potential conflict, by discussing the situation without placing blame, and by reflecting on lessons learned.


  • Being accountable to uphold the mission, vision, and values of the School of Nursing by being knowledgeable of the policies and procedures of the School, and by supporting the success of our students.
  • Being accountable to our colleagues by being prepared, engaged, and collaborative, while considering diversity of ideas and roles.
  • Being accountable to ourselves by knowing the expectations of our roles, and by asking for help when it is needed.

Personal Resilience/Self-Care:

  • Knowing our strengths, interests, and limits, and also by trusting our colleagues to know the same.
  • Nurturing ourselves by creating a culture that honors taking time to engage in self-care.
  • Authenticity by showing up, being present and honest, and by reaching out to others when in need of help or support and finding formal or informal support systems when needed.


  • A culture of appreciation by acknowledging the accomplishments and efforts of others with verbal and/or written words of recognition and encouragement, and to celebrate in times of success.
  • Affirm each other in our daily work by genuine acknowledgement of the little things in a personal way.
  • An attitude of gratitude by seeking to notice new things we’re grateful for each day.
  • Take time to celebrate the successes and milestones of our School of Nursing.

Approved by the School of Nursing Faculty February 23, 2023

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