The Faculty Organization of the School of Nursing (The Faculty) is the School’s governing body has adopted bylaws to provide a framework for governance in the School of Nursing. Governance is defined as a set of practices under which faculty participate in making significant decisions concerning the operation of the School. It rests upon relationships of mutual respect and trust, among faculty and administrators. The Faculty consists of all School of Nursing Faculty (full time, part time, adjunct, emeriti).

The Faculty Council consists of a Chair, Chair Elect, Secretary and Parliamentarian, all elected by the voting members of the Faculty. The Faculty Council shall provide governance for the Faculty of the School of Nursing. The Faculty Council is directly accountable to the faculty as a whole and may act on behalf of the School of Nursing Faculty.

Shared Governance and Committee Chairs:

  • Faculty Council Chair: Dr. Sandra Annan
  • Academic Unit Personnel Advisory Committee Chair: Dr. Erika Metzler Sawin
  • BSN Program Committee Chair: Dr. Jamie Robinson
  • DNP Committee Chair: Dr. Christine Argenbright
  • NP Faculty Committee Chair: Dr. Holly Buchanan
  • Evaluation Committee Co-Chairs: Dr. Andrea Knopp and Dr. Jamie Robinson
  • Faculty Search Committee Chair: Dr. Amy Graham
  • Graduate Admission and Progression Committee Chair: Dr. Donna Schminkey
  • Graduate Curriculum Committee Co-Chairs: Sarah Stowell and Emily Stevens
  • RN to BSN Program Committee Chair: Dr. Karen Jagiello
  • Undergraduate Admission and Progression Committee Chair: Tracey Smith
  • Undergraduate Curriculum Committee Chair: Dr. Karen Weeks

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