Emily Gravett


Assistant Director, Teaching Area
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Courses Taught

REL 300: Religion and Disability (Special Topics)
REL 365: Religion and Film
REL 200: Exploring Religion
REL 300: Religion and Popular Culture (Special Topics)
REL 101H: Religions of the World (Honors)


Ph.D. – University of Virginia
M.A. – University of Virginia
B.A. – Colgate University


Dr. Emily O. Gravett is Assistant Director of the Teaching Area in the Center for Faculty Innovation and Assistant Professor in the Philosophy and Religion department. She earned her B.A. from Colgate University in English and Religion and her M.A. and Ph.D. in Religious Studies from the University of Virginia. After serving as an assistant director for a teaching and learning center in San Antonio, Texas, for three years, she was delighted to return to the beautiful state of Virginia to join the JMU faculty. She loves supporting the growth of her colleagues and feels continually inspired by their commitment to students, pedagogical innovation, and ongoing professional development.

With a diverse and ever-evolving scholarly agenda, Emily has presented and published on biblical reception, religious studies pedagogy, educational development, as well as her own experiences in the classroom with students. She is highly involved in the national organization of educational developers (POD). Outside of work, Emily enjoys spending time with her family, watching NFL games, hiking, reading poetry, eating all the BBQ, and frequenting Kline’s.

Select Publications

Trybus, M.J., Breneman, D.L., and Gravett, E. (2019). “Ableism, Accessibility, and Educational Development: A Disability Studies Perspective,” New Directions for Teaching and Learning.

Rudenga, K.J. & Gravett, E. (2019). “Impostor Phenomenon in Educational Developers,” To Improve the Academy.

Palmer, M.S., Gravett, E., and LaFleur, J. (2018). “Measuring Transparency: A Learning-Focused Assignment Rubric,” To Improve the Academy.

Gravett, E. & Bernhagen, L. (2018). “Ways of Doing: Feminist Educational Development,” To Improve the Academy, Special Issue: The One Thing.

Gravett, E. (2018). “Note-Taking during Discussion: Using a Weekly Reflection Assignment to Motivate Students to Learn from their Peers,” College Teaching.

Gravett, E. (2018). “Lost in the Great Divide: Motivation in Religious Studies Classrooms,” Teaching Theology and Religion.

Gravett, E. (2017). “Tracing a Developer’s Development: A Self-Study in Teaching,” International Journal for Academic Development.

Bernhagen, L. & Gravett, E. (2016). “Educational Development as Pink Collar Labor: Implications and Recommendations,” To Improve the Academy.

Gravett, E. (2016). “Scholarship of Teaching and Learning in Religious Studies,” Journal of the American Academy of Religion.

Poe, S. & Gravett, E. (2016). “Acknowledging Students’ Collaborations through Peer-Review: A Footnoting Practice,” College Teaching.

Gravett, E. & Bernhagen, L. (2015). “A View from the Margins: Situating Teaching Center Staff in Organizational Development,” To Improve the Academy.


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