Doing faculty work online can be both challenging and exciting, with great opportunity for innovation. The CFI wishes to be responsive to faculty needs regarding online teaching, scholarship, and career planning. Here is a list of valuable resources: 

CFI Resources
Recorded or Asynchronous CFI Sessions
Editorial Insight into Publishing Journal Articles (Online Roundtable). Demystify the journal article publication process in a dialogue with editors from diverse journals. Facilitated by Melanie Shoffner, COE, Cathryn Molloy, CAL, Charles Bailey, COB, and Ed Brantmeier, CFI & COE. You will need to log into JMU's techsmithrelay to view this session. Recorded on Thu 10/14/21.
Supporting Your Research, Scholarship, and Creative Endeavors (Online Scholarly Talk). JMU Research & Scholarship, the Center for Faculty Innovation, and JMU Libraries provide an overview of scholarship support resources for faculty. Video provided by JMU's Office of Research & Scholarship.

Did you miss Dr. KerryAnn O’Meara’s talk on equity-minded reform of faculty workload at May Institute 2021? Sign up here to watch the video of the lecture. (Available only for JMU faculty and staff.)

Equity-Minded Reform of Faculty Workloads (Online Scholarly Talk). The unequal distribution of faculty workload is one of the most important, yet least talked about, inequities that shape the experiences of instructional faculty. As a result of the pandemic, workloads are growing, and growing more inequitable—particularly for BIPOC and women faculty. This talk unveils how faculty labor is taken up, assigned, and rewarded—and what needs to be done to re-design workload with equity in mind. Guest speaker: KerryAnn O’Meara, University of Maryland.


Recommended Online Resources

The Center for Faculty Innovation team has curated a list of helpful articles from trusted sources below.  

Teaching Resources


 Work-life Integration and Career Planning Resources


Scholarship Resources

Student Support
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