CEVC prepares students to co-create more just and sustainable communities. We do that through facilitating direct community engagement, enhancing capacity of community organizations, and advocating for positive change. Racism undermines our efforts for a fair and just community at every level of society. Community Service-Learning condemns all forms of racism and deplores violence and harassment. This stance is consistent with our mission.


CEVC will continue our commitments to: 

  • Cultivating engaged citizens able to analyze, critically reflect, advocate and act on issues of unfairness; and 
  • Creating environments where students, faculty, staff, and community partners can learn and build relationships across our differences in political beliefs, socioeconomic status, religious backgrounds, age, sexual orientation, gender identity, ability level, race, ethnicity, and nationality. 

CEVC also pledges to: 

  • Critically examine the roles we—as individuals, our office and the field of Service-Learning have played in perpetuating racial inequalities. 
  • Prioritize the personal and professional growth of our team, students, colleagues, and partners as social justice and inclusion agents of change. 
  • Actively work to expand our partnerships with socially just and inclusive organizations and stakeholders. 


We will hold ourselves and each other accountable to learning, advocating, and acting to develop a more just and equitable society. Community Partners and students engaging with our programs are encouraged to make similar commitments and agree to treat people with dignity and respect. 

If we can help you or offer support in your own commitment to building more just and equitable communities, please let us know. 

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