Peace Corps Prep

The Community Engagement & Volunteer Center (CEVC) is excited to support you in completing the Peace Corps Prep certificate program.  The Peace Corps Prep program requirement is to complete at least 50 hours of related field experience in whichever of the six sectors for which you want to or have applied. CEVC is happy to provide guidance for you to meet that Peace Corps Prep program requirement. 


Next Steps to Identify Your Field Experience

  • You schedule an appointment to meet with a CEVC staff member to chat through your options, what it means to mindfully enter the community, and some best practices, etc.
    • Appointments can be made via email at or by stopping in our office (SSC 2200)
  • At this meeting, we will also walk you through our online platform and other office resources.
  • CEVC will facilitate reflections for you and other students participating the Peace Corps Prep program each semester (if not more frequently).

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