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Explore. Immerse. Lead. Engage in Community Change. 


If you’re new to community engagement, short on time, or don’t know where to start, drop by CEVC for guidance or sign up for our monthly newsletter of opportunities. 
To explore ways to make positive change in the greater Harrisonburg community:  

  • Participate in DMAD, a pre-orientation service experience,
  • Create a Volunteer Now profile and browse opportunities,
  • Volunteer for a one-time opportunity in the Shenandoah Valley, or
  • Attend a community or educational event with CEVC. 


You can build relationships, deepen your civic understanding, and address pressing social issues through sustained engagement with a community initiative. 
To immerse yourself in community change:

  • Join an ongoing service project or local program, 
  • Participate in an Alternative Break,
  • Take a Community Engaged Learning Course, or
  • Connect your club or organization to service. 


Inspire your peers, develop career-readiness, and increase your ability to create a more just world.   

To lead peers on campus and in the community: 

  • Work as a CEVC Program Coordinator, 
  • Lead an Alternative Break, 
  • Facilitate DMAD for incoming Dukes, or 
  • Become Madison Community Scholar. 

Whether you choose to engage in a one-time event, a semester-long project, or a leadership role, you can contribute to positive change in any of these priority areas: 

  • Ending hunger and homelessness 
  • Promoting health and well-being 
  • Protecting the environment 
  • Supporting youth and education 
  • Welcoming immigrants and refugees   

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