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What We Do

The Community Engagement & Volunteer Center helps address challenges locally and globally through meaningful hands-on experiences in the community. Some ways you can give back include serving meals, welcoming refugee families, supporting community gardens, and tutoring local youth. By connecting with our office and participating in our programs, you will find your people, shift your perspective, ignite your passion and discover your purpose.

What is Service-Learning?

Service-Learning is a “teaching and learning strategy that integrates meaningful service to the community with instruction and reflection to enrich the learning experience, teach civic responsibility, and strengthen communities” (Seifer & Connors, 2007, p. 5). To learn more, visit our Faculty Toolkit.

Our Mission and Values

Our Mission

We cultivate relationships with students, faculty, and community organizations in order to give back to the community and promote student learning.

Our Values

Humility: We respect the members of the communities in which we work and recognize their expertise. We remain mindful of the diverse backgrounds and experiences that inform our interactions.

Intentionality: We believe in collaborating with our campus and community partners to create positive outcomes and learning.

Equity: We actively pursue fairness as a means to combat injustice.

Accountability: We keep our promises, admit our mistakes, and model leadership.

Service: We prioritize the needs of campus and community partners and strive to exceed expectations.

Relationships: We foster interactions that consider the needs and assets of all partnerships.

Learning: We believe that the knowledge and skills gained and shared are critical to life-long engagement and growth.

Our History

Founded in 1986 by JMU faculty members, Dr. Cecil Bradfield (Sociology) and Ann Myers (Social Work), the Community Engagement & Volunteer Center has created partnerships committed to thoughtful and meaningful community engagement across campus.


Community Engagement & Volunteer Center (CEVC) collaborates with over 100 community partners regionally, nationally, and internationally to address community expressed needs.

CEVC also collaborates with dozens of faculty members in an effort to meaningfully involve students.

To discuss becoming a community or faculty partner, contact us at:
 cevc@jmu.edu or (540) 568-6366.

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