The Office of Financial Aid & Scholarships may award FWS to eligible students as part of their financial aid package. In addition to establishing financial need through the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), eligible students must be degree-seeking undergraduate or graduate students enrolled on at least a half time basis who are maintaining good academic standing. Students work on average 10 hours per week while taking classes during the academic year.

Application Process for Federal Work Study

Step 1- Apply for Financial Aid

Eligibility for FWS is determined through the Free Application for Federal Student aid (FAFSA) process. Financial Aid eligibility must be determined each academic year. Please note that eligibility does not automatically carry over from year-to-year. 

Step 2- Award

If determined eligible, a student will be offered FWS as part of their financial aid package. If you have not been offered FWS, but have been offered a Subsidized Direct Loan, please contact the Student Employment office to see about substituting FWS for all or a portion of your Subsidized loan.

Step 3- Apply for Jobs

Students should visit Page Up. Here, students can search for available FWS positions, create an account and complete a student application in order to apply for those positions. There may be FWS positions available elsewhere on campus that are not advertised on this system, so students may also want to contact departments and offices directly to inquire about their hiring procedures for FWS jobs.

Please remember that many students will be applying for the same jobs, and selection is a competitive process, job placement is not guaranteed.  A job application and a job interview will be required. . Students eligible for FWS also have the option of applying for non-FWS jobs known as Institutional Employment (IE). They are not limited to applying for FWS jobs only.

  • Students awarded FWS are eligible to apply for positions in the community with local nonprofit, government organizations and schools. These positions are coordinated through Community Engagement and Volunteer Services.
  • Visit our on-campus job announcements to view current student employment opportunities and application procedures. Please note that in addition to providing information on FWS jobs, this list gives you information about current Institutional Employment job vacancies.

Read the FWS Frequently Asked Questions.

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