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Would you like to sponsor a KidWind Challenge? Hosting challenges takes support from many; trophies, shirts, and other supplies are needed to make these competitions fun and exciting for everyone. Your support helps enable us to give FREE kit resources to students this year. We are happy to direct your sponsorship dollars to school districts of your choosing if you have a region you would like to impact directly.

Make a sponsorship payment online or contact Remy for an invoice.

Become a Mentor

This year, we are offering all teams the opportunity to have an industry or college student mentor to help them in their design and testing. These "Energy Experts" will engage with teams on Flipgrid. When a team has a question, they will record a video on Flipgrid, and our Experts will be contacted to provide a response. We are hosting these videos on a common site where all teams can benefit from the wisdom and advice of our Energy Experts. All interested Experts will be given a walkthrough of the video service before they are asked to engage with teams.

Fill out this form to sign up to be an Energy Expert this year. 

Become a Judge

One of the main goals of the wind and solar competitions is career awareness. We introduce students to possible careers in the renewable energy industry through the mentoring program but also through interaction with judges during the competitions. This year, we will be judging projects virtually, but still need industry professionals to help. Teams will upload a video and a data sheet about their project, and judges will have access to those videos. You will then fill out individual judging rubrics and submit them to CASE for collection before we host a virtual meeting where the panel of judges for their respective divisions and challenges will come to an agreement on the top teams and other awards. CASE will schedule follow-up Q&A sessions with the top teams so judges can get clarification as needed.

If you would like to be a judge for the 2021 Virtual KidWind Challenges, please fill out this form.

Other Opportunities

Throughout the course of preparations for the Challenges, CASE hosts a variety of training sessions and other events where industry involvement is always welcome. Activities may include a brief presentation about their industry, a topical discussion for educators during a workshop, or presenting to students about career opportunities.

Email Remy if you are interested in being part of an upcoming event.

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