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A KidWind starter kit provides you with all the supplies and equipment needed to build a basic wind turbine or solar structure. All students are encouraged to use any resources available to them to improve upon the basic model that can be made with your kit supplies. If your school can justify the need for a full team kit, there is a section in the Kit Request Form (see below) to request a larger kit.

What's in a Wind Challenge Kit

  • KidWind generator
  • Hub
  • Dowels
  • Multi-meter
  • Alligator clips
  • Pitch protractor
  • Resistor
What's in a Solar Challenge Kit

  • Loads (LED lights, water pump + tray/buzzer/DC motor)
  • Switch and DIY Switch Kit
  • Multi-meter
  • Alligator clips

If you are interested in building your own kit, consider these suggested materials and where to get them. has an extensive list as well. The virtual challenge platform provides guides on calculating wind speed, resistance, and output voltage for any team that doesn't have the requisite tools on hand.

Build Your Own Wind Kit
Build Your Own Solar Kit
Host a Local Wind Tunnel

Consider hosting a local wind tunnel for your region! A retired technology teacher and KidWind veteran put together a guide to building your own wind tunnel. You can find the guide here. In lieu of building your own, you or a sponsor can also purchase a KidWind official tunnel here.

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