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"On Earth day, April 22, 2021, we will face two crises: One is immediate from a pandemic and the other is slowly building as a disaster for our climate." - Earth Day Network 

In cooperation with Earth Day Network, the global coordinator of this annual event, the Center for the Advancement of Sustainable Energy at James Madison University is encouraging individuals and families to take action, digitally.

How to take action: Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency represents the least expensive means by which to reduce energy consumption on every scale. It is especially easy to practice energy efficiency (and conservation) at the residential level. Take action today by reviewing the Energy Star Home Energy Yard Stick, supported by the U.S. Department of Energy and Environmental Protection Agency, in order to assess the energy efficiency of your home and see how it measures up.

How to take action: Wind Energy

Our wind resource in Virginia is modest and varies from place to place. There are certain regions in Virginia that present a particularly strong and valuable wind resource. Take action today and discover if the wind resource at your property is suitable for generating wind power. The Center for the Advancement of Sustainable Energy offers free preliminary wind analyses for your home or business to determine whether wind energy may be an economically viable option to consider.

How to take action: Solar Energy

There has been tremendous growth in demand in recent years for the installation of solar photovoltaic (PV) power plants for homes and small businesses, at the utility scale in communities. This has been driven by significant declines in solar prices and technology development that has increased PV efficiencies. As a result, solar has become one of the fastest-growing energy technologies in the U.S. with government assistance available through mechanisms such as the Solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC) further reducing installed costs of residential PV. Information is provided here to become acquainted with this opportunity.

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