Flex, Dining Dollars, and Dining Dollars Gold Terms

And Conditions

James Madison University hereby establishes a FLEX, Dining Dollars or Dining Dollars GOLD account in the customer's name for the amount indicated on the application with the following conditions.

• Contract Duration
• Eligibility
• General Operation
• Lost or Damaged Access Card Replacement
• Liability for Illegitimate Use of Account
• Transferring Account Funds to Another Card Holder's Account
• Inactive Accounts

Contract Duration

The duration of the FLEX and Dining Dollars GOLD accounts shall be from the opening date of the account until one of the following occurs:

  1. The account funds are depleted.
  2. A subsequent deposit or other circumstance result in a superseding account.
  3. Two semesters pass in which no transaction takes place within the account. (Refer to "Inactive Accounts"). 

A Dining Dollars account is established with the purchase of any resident or commuter meal plan , and shall remain open until one of the following occurs:

  1. The account funds are depleted.
  2. At the conclusion of the spring semester, any unused balance will be forfeited.

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A FLEX account may be opened by any student, faculty or staff member associated with JMU. A standard Dining Dollars account now comes with all meal plans purchased by resident and commuter students. Dining Dollars GOLD accounts may be opened by any JMU student.

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General Operation

Upon the customer's initial deposit which opens an account, the university will establish an electronic account balance in the customer's name and validate the customer's university access card for use in the electronic card readers. The customer may then use these funds for purchases where FLEX, Dining Dollars and Dining Dollars GOLD are honored. Purchases will not be allowed with a malfunctioning card.

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Lost or Damaged Access Card Replacement

Lost or damaged cards will be replaced by Card Services upon the customer's or university official's request. Such replacements will be made in accordance with current policies regarding card replacement. In most cases, the customer will be charged a replacement fee.

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Liability for Illegitimate Use of Account

Customers are responsible for safeguarding their own university access card. Should the card become lost or misplaced accidentally or by theft, the university assumes no responsibility for illegitimate withdrawals from the customer's account prior to the customer notifying Card Services during its normal business hours. During non-business hours, campus police and public safety should be notified. Upon notification, the account will be deactivated until the rightful owner has a new card made.

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Transferring Account Funds to Another Card Holder's Account

At any time, card holders may request to have funds from their existing FLEX or Dining Dollars GOLD account transferred to the existing account of another card holder with no service charge. Dining Dollars accounts are not transferable.

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Inactive Student Accounts

Should two semesters pass in which no transactions take place in a FLEX or Dining Dollars GOLD account, and there is a remaining balance, the university will refund the remainder through the University Business Office.

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Meal Plan Terms and Conditions 

CONTRACT DURATIONS:  The duration of this meal plan shall be for the period stated on the application and on the JMU Residential Contract.

ELIGIBILITY:  Any student at JMU may purchase university meal plans.  The contract is binding only after the customer has been admitted and enrolled, and payment has been received or the charge has been placed on the student’s official university bill.

CONTRACT CANCELLATION OR ADJUSTMENT:  This contract may not be canceled or adjusted, except for the following reasons:

  1. Official separation of the customer from the university.
  2. Participation by the customer in student teaching mandated by academic affairs.
  3. Extreme and unforeseen hardships such as hospitalization.
  4. Uniformed services such as the Armed Forces, including service by a member of the National Guard or Reserve called to active duty for a period of more than 30 days.
  5. Absence for more than 14 days.  Arrangements for refunds under this clause must be made with JMU Dining Services prior to the absence.

CHANGE OF MEAL PLAN OPTION:  Participants in both resident and commuter meal plans may change from one qualifying meal plan to another during specific times stated each semester.  A $10 service charge will be assessed with changing a meal plan.  When upgrading to a more expensive meal plan option, the customer will be required to pay additional prorated charge to cover the difference in meal plan costs.  When downsizing to another meal plan, any difference in cost will be placed into a non-refundable Dining Dollars account for both resident and commuter students.  Balances remaining in this account at the conclusion of the fall semester will be carried over to the spring semester.  At the conclusion of the spring semester, unused balances will be forfeited.

INCAPACITY OF THE UNIVERSITY:  Should the university become unable to provide meals specified, then the customer agrees to accept a prorated refund.

ENTITLEMENT OF SERVICES:  Only the customer named is entitled to services extended under the meal plan options, and may not transfer services without prior consent of the director of JMU Dining Services.

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