The JMU Card Services office provides the official identification card, JACard, which permits access to many university services and facilities. We manage student and staff on-campus meal plans and maintain individual debit accounts for use on campus and off campus at participating merchants.

Card Services utilizes Cbord's CS Gold Transaction system. This system administers over 4 million on-line, real-time transactions at over 2300 locations annually, 24 hours a day, and seven days a week. Over 46 million dollars in selected meal plans are processed yearly as well as over 6 million dollars in debit accounts.

The system also validates admission to athletic events, Residence Halls, Health Center, as well as math, reading and computer/print labs, etc. The JACard is requested as proof of identity and entitlements for classroom testing, assessment testing, Registrar's Office, University Business Office, Parking Services, Library, and Mail Services.

Card Services also offers the campus community of 22,667 students and 3,900 faculty/staff the ability to perform many transactions on-line such as marking their JACard lost or found, and depositing funds into their debit accounts. Active account holders can also view current and historical financial transactions. Commuter students can purchase their meal plans on line and they can choose to pay for the meal plan with a credit card or have it added to their JMU tuition bill.

Student Learning/development-Programs/activities

Card Services issues the official JMU identification card, JACard, to students so that they can attend events on campus, use their meal/debit plans, have access to their residence halls and receive Health Center services.

Students learn responsibility for securing services on campus, they must provide official identification in the form of their JACard, which when presented, will assure the services they are requesting have been paid for and they in turn are entitled to.

Students that participate in our declining balance accounts have the opportunity to learn financial responsibility: such as, budgeting their available funds for the week, month or semester. They learn the responsibility of keeping their JACard secure just as they would their driver's license or bank cards.

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