Contact the Real Property Administrator, Jini Cook at 568.7204 or Deanna Ritchie at 568.6875 . We can make arrangements for rental of storage space and work space on a short or long-term basis. All rental and lease payments must be processed through the Real Property Office. Departments are not permitted to use eVA for the purpose of requisitioning real property or leased space.

Visit the Real Property site for Lease of Office, Classroom, Laboratory or Storage/Warehouse Space. Contact the Space Management Coordinator with questions at 568.7204.

Lease Renewals and Lease Amendments define the process for these procedures. Usually, the department will receive a Lease Renewal Authorization from the Real Property Office approximately 3-5 months prior to the lease expiration/renewal date.

Visit the Division of Real Estate Services (DRES) website to learn more about the Commonwealth of Virginia lease process.

The more common leased buildings for JMU are:  The Denton Ctr., graduate student housing for Office of Residence Life; 1598 S. Main Street, Small Business Development Ctr. Under College of Business; 106 W. Grace St. and 131 W. Grace Street, leased for educational studios, labs and galleries for Art and Theatre; 220 University Blvd., University Advancement; and 1070 Virginia Ave., JMU consolidated warehouses for FM, Office of Residence Life, Surplus property, PC Services and Telecom.

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