.100 General

The revenue account code is designed to classify different categories of revenue in a systematic manner for recording and reporting purposes.

.200 Revenue Code Structure

Revenue codes are assigned to a specific fund or funds (E & G, Auxiliary enterprises, Local/Agency and Grants and Contracts). Some revenue codes apply to more than one fund, such as cash short and cash over. Educational and general revenues are not designated for specific departments and therefore are recorded in a central account instead of in individual departmental accounts.

.300 Subsidiary Ledger Revenue Account Codes and Titles

The following links provide a detailed listing of Subsidiary Ledger Revenue Account Codes. Only those codes included in the Financial Information System are authorized for use in submitting revenue transactions for deposit. All inquiries concerning Revenue Account Codes should be directed to Financial Reporting.

Revenue Codes - Alphabetical Listing

Revenue Codes - Numerical Listing

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