On occasion, there may be a need to change the terms and conditions of a lease during the lease period. Lease Amendments must be approved by the Vice President of Administration & Finance and Office of the Attorney General; primarily, the Amendment process is very similar to approval of a new lease. 

  • Real Property discusses changes with the department leasing space (Tenant) and Landlord.  Usually, the Lease Amendment can affect a new lease cost and a JMU Purchase Requisition should accompany an Amendment request.

  • Real Property works with Landlord to prepare a draft Lease Amendment. The Office of the Attorney General (OAG) reviews the draft Lease Amendment for content.

  • Upon OAG review and acceptance, the Lease Amendment is forwarded to the Landlord for signature.

  • The Lease Amendment is forwarded to OAG for final review and signature approval.

  • The approved Lease Amendment is returned to Real Property for signature and distribution to the appropriate parties.

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