Agencies are responsible for determining and documenting space needs based on the requirements of the program for which leased space is to be sought. Prior to seeking leased space for (1) new programs, or (2) programs to be relocated from university owned facilities, a Lease Justification must be submitted to the JMU Office of Real Property. The solicitation process should begin at least 6 months or more prior to the desired occupancy date and not less than 4 months to allow sufficient time for selection, negotiation, administrative approvals and office area build-out. Contact the Office of Real Property to receive a "Lease Justification Packet" and discuss your space needs. The "Packet" will consist of: 

A short scenario of the lease process is as follows:

  • The JMU department seeking leased space completes the Lease Justification, the Office Space Questionnaire and forwards to the Office of Real Property.  The JMU department seeking space must prepare and submit a Purchase Requisition to the Office of Real Property detailing the desired space, org/account numbers from which the rental cost will be paid, and an estimate of the proposed annual lease cost.

  • Upon solicitation approval, the JMU Office of Real Property prepares the Request for Proposal (RFP), transmits to at least 5-6 prospective offerors, and advertises in the appropriate sources.

  • Following the required 30-day solicitation period, Real Property evaluates the proposals, prepares a Lease Analysis Chart and arranges site visits for the department.

  • The department selects a site. Real Property begins negotiations.

  • When all details and a lease cost are agreed upon, Real Property prepares a Lease Analysis Chart and the lease document for signature by Landlord.

  • The Deed of Lease (signed by Landlord), and other pertinent documentation required is forwarded to Office of the Attorney General for recommendation and final approval.

    The Code of Virginia §2.1-504.2 states in part: "No agency has authority to enter, amend or pay for a lease or occupy leased space without first receiving the approval of the Governor."

  • The approved lease is returned to the JMU Office of Real Property for signature. The fully executed lease is distributed to the appropriate parties.

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