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ISAT opens up a wide range of employment and graduate study opportunities for program graduates. Recent ISAT graduates have become entrepreneurs and/or gone into engineering, consulting, politics, the Peace Corps, and teaching.    ISAT graduates are technological problem solvers, good communicators, and life-long learners with extensive experience working together in collaborative environments. These attributes are in high demand and provide a framework to success in many career paths.

ISAT prepares students for success in these fields by providing hands-on opportunities to solve problems.  In recent years, ISAT undergraduates have worked to:

  • Alleviate local environmental challenges, like river pollution and sustainable farming

  • Fight  infectious disease and bioterrorism by conducting genetic research in the laboratory

  • Develop computer databases to solve practical problems, such as traffic congestion or parking

  • Solve energy problems by creating and using alternative fuels and energy sources, such as biodiesel and wind power

  • Create secure and accessible telecommunications mechanisms, such as acquiring real-time data from multiple sensors and organizing into one publicly available web site

  • Aid villagers in developing countries in implementing appropriate technological solutions, such as securing clean water sources

Career Guide for ISAT Majors

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