Anatomy, Neuroscience, and Physiology explores neuroanatomy, developmental neurobiology, neuronal function, animal physiology, and endocrinology. Courses in this subdiscipline address grand challenges such as disease, aging, and the functional neuronal connectome. 

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If you have any questions on this subdiscipline, please feel free to contact Dr. Marquis Walker or Dr. George Vidal

Relevant Courses
  • Bio290 Human Anatomy
  • Bio301 Introductory Neuroscience
  • Bio370 Animal Physiology
  • Bio375 Sensation and Perception
  • Bio385 Biopsychology
  • Bio410 Advanced Human Anatomy
  • Bio415 Neuroanatomy and Neurogenic Communication Disorders
  • Bio426 Aging and Neurodegeneration
  • Bio426 Reproductive Physiology*
  • Bio443 Techniques in Neuroscience
  • Bio445 Neurobiology
  • Bio446 Experimental Neurobiology
  • Bio 448 Developmental Neurobiology
  • Bio 467 Human Cardiovascular Physiology
  • Bio 468 Endocrinology
  • Bio 472 Human Metabolism

*This course fulfill the BIO upper-level elective requirement of an Organismal Diversity course. Please reference the online course catalog for official requirements. 


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