Cell and Molecular Biology examines cell structure and the physiology, metabolism and reproductive biology of prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells. Courses in this subdiscipline address grand challenges such as bioengineering.   

If you have any questions about this subdiscipline, please feel free to contact Dr. Terrie Rife or Dr. Jonathan Monroe

Relevant Courses
  • Bio140 Foundations in Biology 1
  • Bio226 Bioethics
  • Bio304 Cell Biology
  • Bio361 Biochemistry
  • Bio432 Microscopy
  • Bio480 Advanced Molecular Biology
  • Bio482 Human Histology

Please reference the online course catalog for official requirements. 

  • Lab and Research Technician, Laboratory Specialist (e.g., for UVA Medical Center or similar)
  • Clinical Research Program Coordinator (e.g., for Johns Hopkins School of Medicine’s Sidney Kimmel Comprehensive Cancer Center or similar)
  • Product Quality Manager, Environmental Monitoring Manager, Associate Specialist in Engineering (e.g., for Merck Pharmaceuticals in Elkton VA).
  • Genetics/Biologica Data Scientist/Analyst (e.g., for Data Tecnica in Glen Echo, MD or similar)
  • Genetic Counselor Assistant (e.g., for GeneDx, in Gaithersburg MD or similar)
  • Medical Lab Assistant (work at a hospital lab running doctor requested lab work requires 1 year of classes outside of JMU - RMH has a program)
  • Clinical Case Study Editor (work to help fill out the extensive FDA paperwork required to perform clinical trials)

To learn more about careers in Biology, check out our Career Guide for Biology Majors!

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