Genetics and Development explores classical and molecular genetics disciplines and synthesizes molecular, genetic, cellular, organismal, ecological and evolutionary concepts in the exploration of developmental processes. Courses in this subdiscipline address grand challenges such as genomics and personalized medicine

If you have any questions on this subdiscipline, please feel free to contact Dr. Tim Bloss or Dr. Kimberly Slekar

Relevant Courses
  • Bio240 Genetics
  • Bio477 Genetics of Cancer
  • Bio324 Human Genetics
  • Bio481 Genomics

Please reference the online course catalog for official requirements. 

  • Genetics/Biologica Data Scientist/Analyst (e.g., for Data Tecnica in Glen Echo, MD or similar)
  • Genetic Counselor Assistant (e.g., for GeneDx, in Gaithersburg MD or similar)
  • Molecular genetics technologist  (e.g., LabCorps)

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