Ecology and Evolution focuses on ecosystems, community ecology, population ecology, animal behavior, evolutionary biology, restoration, and conservation biology. Courses in this subdiscipline address grand challenges such as climate change and habitat loss

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Relevant Courses
  • Bio250 Quantitative Ecology & Evolution
  • Bio353 Global Climate Change & Life
  • Bio400 Geology and Ecology of the Bahamas
  • Bio402 Forest Ecology*
  • Bio404 Evolutionary Analysis
  • Bio430 Ornithological Research & Current Advances
  • Bio449 Insect Ecology
  • Bio452 Population Ecology
  • Bio457 GIS
  • Bio426 Conservation Biology
  • Bio427 Tropical Field Ecology*

*This course fulfills the BIO upper-level elective requirement of an Organismal Diversity course. Please reference the online course catalog for official requirements.

  • Technician (Environmental, Invasive Species, Field, Forestry, Wildlife) (e.g., for US Forest Service)
  • Ecologist/Biologist (e.g., for National Parks, Dept. of Wildlife Resources, NGO’s - The Nature Conservancy, Private Sector – Ecotone, Inc)
  • Ecological Risk Assessor (e.g., for Private Sector - Waterborne Environmental).
  • Ecological Data Scientist (e.g., for Private Sector - Exponent)
  • Environmental Consultant (e.g., for Private Sector)
  • Environmental Steward (e.g., for Conservation Corps)
  • Conservation Educator (e.g., for US Fish & Wildlife)
  • Naturalist (e,g., for Dept of Natural Resources)
  • Natural Resource Specialist (e.g., for Private Sector)

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