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The BioCommons is a dynamic community space for students, faculty, and staff to catalyze their academic and personal growth. Designed in partnership with the design firm Sasaki, the JMU BioCommons is inspired by open concept models for academic spaces that center student needs and access. Located on the third floor of the BioScience building with stunning views of the Shenandoah Valley, the BioCommons offers a collaborative, high-impact environment fueled by innovative spaces, programs, and faculty. The space supports student learning, professional development, personal growth, student-faculty interactions, and community building. 

Activities and Features of the BioCommons
  • High-flex, tech-compatible study spaces with accessible, mobile furniture and studying tools to facilitate group learning  
  • The executive office for the Biology Students of Color (BIOSOC) organization
  • Programs to enhance student academic planning, professional development, and personal growth
  • A full-time faculty-in-residence who facilitates student-faculty and peer-peer interactions via program development
  • Academic support sessions for students facilitated by peer mentors in-person and remotely 
  • A modest kitchen with community tables for formal and informal gathering
  • Lounge spaces for relaxation, casual conversation, and decompression
  • A small group study area as well as presentation pods for sharing and collaborating

Questions about this space and initiative can be directed to Dr. Rocky Parker.    

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