Assistant Professor

M.V.Sc. – Kerala Agriculture University, India
M.S. – University of Connecticut
Ph.D. – Virginia Tech

Phone - 540-568-4565
Fax - 540-568-3333
Office - Bioscience 2016I

Office Hours

Courses: Human Anatomy (BIO290), Human Physiology (BIO270), Endocrinology (BIO468/568) Human Histology labs (BIO 482, 582)

Research Interests:

  1. Influence of dietary ingredients on small intestinal morphology and cell population dynamics
  2. Endocrine regulation of mammary gland development and cell lineage

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Velayudhan, B. T., McGilliard, M. L., Jiang, H., Ellis, S. E., and Akers, R. M. (2013). Gene expression profile in prepubertal bovine mammary parenchyma and epithelial cells in response to ovariectomy. J. Vet. Anim. Sci. 44: 8-14.

Velayudhan, B. T., Huderson, B. P., McGilliard, M. L., Jiang, H., Ellis, S. E and Akers, RM. (2012). Effect of staged ovariectomy on measures of mammary growth and development in prepubertal dairy heifers. Animal. 6:6; 941-951.

Pasic, L., Eisinger-Mathason, T. S., Velayudhan, B. T., Moskaluk, C. A., Brenin, D. R., Macara, I. G., and Lannigan, D. A. (2011). Sustained activation of the HER1-ERK1/2-RSK signaling pathway controls myoepithelial cell fate in human mammary tissue. Genes Dev. 25:1641-53.

Velayudhan, B. T., Akers, R. M., Huderson, B. P., Rowson-Baldwin, A., Hovey, R. C., and Ellis, S. E. (2009). Effect of staged ovariectomy on mammary histology and transcript abundance in prepubertal heifers. J. Dairy Sci. 92 (E-Suppl.1): 48

Velayudhan, B. T., Daniels, K. M., Horrell, D. P,. Hill, S. R., McGilliard, M. L., Corl, B. A., Jiang, H. and R. M. Akers. (2008). Developmental histology, segmental expression and nutritional regulation of somatotropic axis genes in small intestine of prepubertal dairy heifers. J. Dairy. Sci. 91:3343

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