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Administrative Faculty
Year Started at JMU: 1999
Contact Info

Research Description

I am interested in amphibian ecology and conservation. My research focuses on a rare terrestrial salamander, Plethodon punctatus (Cow Knob salamander). I work with the US Forest Service and other state and federal management agencies on issues related to the ecology and conservation of this and other salamander species.

  • Ecology and Evolution (BIO 124)
  • Man and the Environment (GSCI 104)

Office Hours

  • MS in Ecology, 2004, James Madison University
  • BS in Ecology, 1999, Longwood College
Select Publications
  • Flint, W. D., and R. N. Harris. 2005. The efficacy of visual encounter surveys for population monitoring of Plethodon punctatus (Caudata: Plethodontidae). Journal of Herpetology. 39: 578-584.

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