Registration for biology classes is actively managed, meaning that not all seats are opened all at once on the first day of registration. If a section is closed, keep checking MyMadison during your registration window since more seats will become available over time. As a general policy the department does not give overrides for biology classes.

The biology department does not control registration for non-biology classes so you should speak with the department offering the course.

Prerequisites are established to increase the likelihood that you will do well in a class. However, we realize that there are special circumstances so many classes include “or permission of the instructor” after listing the prerequisites. Go to the instructor and explain your situation. They may allow you to take the class without the stated prerequisites. Students who register for a course without having the prerequisite may be dropped from the class administratively.

Yes, except for extenuating circumstances this is enforced. It is generally a clear indication that you are not ready to move on to that course.

In general this is not possible. The number of hours in a degree or major for graduation, GPA and cognate requirements, are absolute. See the section on Graduation Requirements in the JMU Undergraduate Catalog for details. Under extenuating circumstances, substitutions are made for departmental requirements. See the Undergraduate Academic Coordinator (Bioscience 1028F) for information.

If the lab is part of the class you will have to take the whole class.

You may elect to repeat up to two courses during your enrollment at JMU on a “repeat forgiveness” basis. While both grades will appear on your transcript, only the more recent grade will be used in GPA and credit hour calculations. You must either declare the “repeat forgiveness” option at registration or complete the appropriate adjustment form prior to the end of the course adjustment period. For more details please see the Academic Policies section of the current Catalog.

For about the first week of each semester you can drop a class without any consequence and it disappears from your transcript. After that first week and until the end of the 9th week of classes a dropped class will result in a “W” on your transcript. Check the schedule on the JMU Registrar's web page for specific dates. For a discussion of “WP” and “WF” grades see the current catalog under Course Adjustment. Instructors have the option of not using “WP” and “WF” grades so do not assume that this option is available without talking with the instructor.

For about the first week of each semester you can add a class without a signature. During the second week of a semester you can add a class but only with the signature of the department head. Specific dates for each semester are on the JMU Registrar's web page.

The catalog description of courses indicates when they are normally offered but this is not a guarantee so it is not wise to expect to take a specific course in your last semester. In planning the courses you wish to take try to work in several options. A listing of new courses, not yet in the catalog is usually posted in the Bioscience Building prior to the start of registration each semester and on the biology website. You can also talk with professors about when their courses are likely to be offered.

Summer offerings usually don’t change that much from year to year so look at previous summers to get an indication of what may be offered in a subsequent summer. Also speak with the department in which the course is offered.

This can be caused by several different factors. You might have a time conflict with another course. You may not have the specific prerequisites, or a prerequisite that you took at another institution may not be recognized by MyMadison. If your registration window is still open speak with your advisor about these issues.

See the Academic Policies section of the catalog under Re-entry to the University.

Registration Services is in Warren Hall room 300 and Student Record Services is in room 504. Of course they are also on the web.

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