These calendars are available only to Faculty and Staff of the JMU Biology Department.   The rooms are grouped into calendars by approximate size and and location for easier viewing. Scroll down to see all rooms.

After checking the calendar for conflicts, make your reservation through the Biology office. You can view but not make changes to these calendars. Click on any booking to see more information.

              Lecture rooms  |  Special technology classrooms 
                1st floor labs |   2nd floor labs  | 3rd floor labs 

For small meeting rooms, please check with CISE (Lynda Chandler) or book a group study room in Rose Library (4-12 seats)


Biology Van Bookings

Lecture Rooms

1007 requires ETC key

Special technology classrooms 

Smart room fits 35 with tables and chairs or 72 with chairs only. Computer lab has 24 computers. Imaging lab has 8 computers, 16 compound & 16 dissecting microscopes with cameras.

First floor teaching labs

Plant and Ecology Labs

1009 and 1029 each have 12 computers

Foundations Labs

Room 1025Room 1023

Second floor teaching labs

Each of these labs has 6 computers (one per bench)

Third floor teaching labs

(see below for 3027, 3029 and 3033)

3033 has 6 computers

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