About Assessment Academy

The Assessment Academy is a multi-semester initiative that gives faculty and administrators an opportunity to dive deeper into the assessment cycle. Building on the concepts of Assessment 101, Assessment Academy guides participants in moving past foundational concepts and into the intermediate range of the Assessment Skills Framework. In each of the modules, participants are encouraged to sign up with other members of their department/office. Throughout each module, participants will engage with assessment materials from their own department/office.

The Assessment Academy consists of five modules:

Module 1. Foundations of Assessment

Module 1 is a short, 8-hour asynchronous on-line module that reviews Assessment 101 concepts and introduces concepts in each of the other four modules. Participants complete this module upon first acceptance into the Assessment Academy, and prior to engaging in the following three modules. Module 1 covers the foundations of the Assessment Skills Framework and introduces participants to concepts such as ethics, diversity, and inclusion within the assessment context, and skills such as promoting value for assessment.

Module 2. Using Program Theory to Create and Evaluate Outcomes and Interventions

            In Module 2, participants will use program theory to strengthen the connections between student learning outcomes and programmatic interventions. Participants are encouraged to work on outcomes and interventions from their own department or office. Module 2 covers skill areas 1 and 2 of the Assessment Skills Framework.

Module 3. Choosing or Creating the Right Measure

            In Module 3, participants will examine pre-made instruments and explore the considerations of developing an instrument. Emphasis will be on reliability and validity, as well as the instrument development process. Module 3 covers skill area 3 of the Assessment Skills Framework.

Module 4. Data Analysis and Interpretation

            In Module 4, participants will spend their time interpreting data. An emphasis will be placed on making accurate inferences from assessment data. Participants will also learn how to communicate results, as well as dive deeper into learning improvement. This module covers skill areas 6 and 7 of the Assessment Skills Framework.

Module 5. Capstone

            The Capstone Module is available for those who have completed the first four modules. In this culminating experience, participants will choose a project related to assessment that they can apply to their own work. They will be paired with a member of CARS and will meet regularly to discuss developments in the project.

Delivery Method

The asynchronous on-line Module 1 can be completed flexibly over the course of several days or weeks and takes about 8 hours to complete. Modules 2-5 each last a full semester, where participants will meet for 5-7 sessions scattered throughout the semester. Start and end times differ each semester, depending on faculty/staff schedules, but will always start after the first week of classes and end before finals week to accommodate faculty and student affairs professionals’ workloads.

In order to get credit for completing Modules 2-5, you must attend each synchronous session.

Prerequisites for Assessment Academy

Participants must have completed Assessment 101 or Assessment Fellows prior to participating in Assessment Academy.

If participants have not taken Assessment 101 they can still register for Assessment Academy if they take Assessment 101 before the start of the module they applied for. Assessment 101 is offered during the summer and more information can be found on our Workshops and Events page.
Applying to Assessment Academy

Applications to available Assessment Academy module can be found below. There is a separate application for Modules 2-5. Upon your first acceptance into the Assessment Academy, you will have to complete Module 1 before starting the module you were accepted to. You only need to complete Module 1 once, but we will keep it available, so that you can go back to it as many times as you wish to refresh your knowledge.

Modules 2, 3, and 4 are offered during specific semesters and may be completed out of sequence.

You may only register for Module 5 after Modules 1-4 have been completed.

Note: Only Module 2 will be offered for Fall 2021.

Fall 2021

Spring 2022

Module 2: Using Program Theory to Create and Evaluate Outcomes and Interventions 

Module 3: Choosing or Creating the Right Measure

If you have any other questions about the Assessment Academy, please feel free to contact the CARS Professional Development team at assessmentdevelopment@jmu.edu.

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