NOTE:The information on this page is specific to students transitioning from the ISC Study Group Program to JMU's undergraduate degree program.  Undergraduate students enrolled directly at JMU should visit the Academic Advising website.

View Your Unofficial JMU Transcript

To view your unofficial transcript, log in to MyMadison and follow these instructions on how to View an Unofficial Transcript (PDF).

Students may view their unofficial transcript of JMU courses taken in the ISC online at any time.  Your unofficial transcript contains information like your grades in your JMU classes and the number of credit hours you have earned or attempted.  The unofficial transcript will pop up in a new tab or window in your internet browser.  Be sure to disable any pop-up blockers to make sure you can see it.  

Request Your Official Transcripts 

ISC students who wish to obtain official transcripts of all courses taken in the ISC will need to request their transcript in two parts.  These two transcripts paired together include all courses taken in the ISC, both JMU credit courses and EAP (English for Academic Purposes) non-credit courses.

JMU Official Transcript Request

Students who wish to obtain an official transcript of JMU credit courses taken in the ISC should log in to MyMadison to request a transcript.  All transcripts are processed within five business days.  

These courses will appear on a continuing education (CE) record while students are in the ISC program.  After progression to JMU, the JMU credit courses will appear on both the student's undergraduate (UG) record as internal transfer credit from the "International Study Center" as well as on their CE record.  The credit will count only once toward satisfying the student's academic requirements, but will appear twice across the student's academic record.  

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