NOTE: The information on this page is specific to students transitioning from the ISC Study Group Program to JMU's undergraduate degree program.  Undergraduate students enrolled directly at JMU should visit the Academic Advising website.


During your final semester in the ISC, students will work with the International Academic Advising Coordinator to prepare for enrolling in undergraduate classes at JMU. To "enroll" or "register" is to place classes on your schedule.  The words enroll, enrolling, enrollment, register, registering, or registration all refer to the act or process of adding classes to your schedule.  


MyMadison is the system students use to enroll in JMU classes. 

Review the MyMadison Tutorials for a reminder of how to use MyMadison before you enroll. 

  • Add a Class - how to put a class on your schedule
  • Drop a Class - how to remove a class from your schedule
  • Swap a Class - how to trade a class or section without losing your seat
  • Schedule Planner - how to use the schedule planner tool to help you narrow down your choice of classes

NOTE: Waitlist is a feature of MyMadison that allows you to add your name to a list of people who are waiting for an open seat in a class.  If you are on the waitlist and a seat becomes available AND you meet the prerequisites for the course AND it fits into your schedule, you will be automatically enrolled in the course. You will also receive an email to notify you that the class has been added to your schedule.  Being on the waitlist does NOT guarantee you a seat in the class. 

Schedule Planning Resources


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