NOTE: The information on this page is specific to students transitioning from the ISC Study Group Program to JMU's undergraduate degree program.  Undergraduate students enrolled directly at JMU should visit the Academic Advising website.

Academic Records: CE & UG 

"Continuing Education" and "Undergraduate" are two types of academic careers offered at JMU.  

CE: Continuing Education

While students are studying in the ISC, they earn credit for JMU courses on a continuing education career, also called a continuing education record. (CE) 

UG: Undergraduate

During their final semester in the ISC, students will see an undergraduate career or undergraduate record in MyMadison. (UG) 

During the semester the student begins studying on a UG career, the Registrar’s Office will transfer the credit and grades earned for JMU courses from the CE career to the UG career.

The JMU credit earned will appear on the student's unofficial transcript on both the CE and UG careers.  The credit and grades are only counted once into their academic requirements and GPA.

*ISC students can transfer no more than 30 credit hours of JMU coursework to the undergraduate program* (See Letter of Intent to Progress for more information)


Which one should I choose? 


career record



Students should be careful to select the appropriate term in MyMadison when searching for classes or viewing their class schedule.  

Current ISC students continuing in the ISC should select continuing education.

Students completing the ISC and progressing to JMU should select undergraduate.  


What are OP sections?

OP Sections


Current ISC students continuing in the ISC should select continuing education sections of classes noted with section numbers that begin with "OP" like "OP01" or "OP02".  The OP sections will normally appear last at the bottom of the search results in MyMadison.

Students completing the ISC and matriculating to JMU should select undergraduate sections of classes that usually contain all numbers like "0012".  The undergraduate sections normally appear first at the top of class search results in MyMadison. 

Current undergraduate students continuing in the undergraduate program should always select undergraduate sections of classes.  


ISC Specific Advising Notes

There are specific policies and procedures that apply to enrollment for ISC students entering JMU's undergraduate program. Because of this, the International Academic Advising Coordinator in the University Advising office will assist ISC students with enrolling in their first semester of undergraduate courses at JMU. ISC students or academic advisors with questions about the enrollment process, should contact the International Academic Advising Coordinator

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