NOTE: The information on this page is specific to students transitioning from the ISC Study Group Program to JMU's undergraduate degree program.  Undergraduate students enrolled directly at JMU should visit the Academic Advising website. 

Academic Advisors

The International Academic Advising Coordinator, Chris Campbell, in the University Advising department advises current ISC students with questions related to academic advising for JMU majors and JMU courses taken in the ISC.  The International Academic Advising Coordinator will also assist ISC students with preparing to enroll in their first semester of the undergraduate program at JMU.   

Academic Advisors at JMU help students understand their academic requirements and how their academic decisions can affect their progress toward graduation.  An academic advisor can answer questions related to choosing classes, academic planning, and general education.  Students are ultimately responsible for enrolling in classes and making sure they meet their academic requirements.  Advisors can also help connect students to appropriate resources on campus as needed.   

Course Load

How many credits should I enroll in at JMU?

  • 12 credits is the minimum to be considered full time for immigration purposes. 

  • 15 or 16 credits is a good number of credits to have on your schedule. Starting the semester with 15-16 credits would allow you to drop or withdraw from a 3-4 credit class without going below full time. 

  • 19 credits is the maximum number of credits allowed for students in good academic standing (cumulative GPA of 2.0 or higher).

  • 21 credits is the maximum for students with a cumulative GPA of 3.25 or higher.

Academic Level

A student must earn 28 credits to be considered a sophomore.  Here's how JMU determines a student's academic level:

Credit Hours Earned:











Academic Assistance

All students, including ISC students are welcome to make use of the Campus Resources available at JMU.  ISC students seeking academic assistance with JMU courses may make use of JMU’s Learning Centers. ISC students needing assistance in EAP courses should seek the help of their ISC instructor.

Glossary of Academic Advising Terms

Check out the Academic Advising Glossary to learn more about vocabulary and and important terms used in academic advising at JMU.   



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