Senior Assistant Director

Education: B.S. in Psychology from Virginia Tech ('91); M.S. in Kinesiology from JMU ('04) with a concentration in Athletic Administration

Hometown: Willmette, IL


What JMU means to me: Home. JMU has been where I found my purpose and my joy, as well as my family.

Advice to students selecting a college:
Make sure you are looking for the best fit. The school you see yourself in. Stand in the middle of the campus, and ask yourself “Do I feel at home here?” It is not always about the numbers or the statistics, it’s about the feel.

Also have strong criteria. Know what areas you might study. Make sure the school has those. Know what extracurriculars interest you, and make sure that they have those too. Do you want urban, suburban or rural? Do you want to be close to home, or not? (and be HONEST with yourself).

Don’t be afraid or embarrassed to ask your parents for their advice, and listen to it, but remember that the person who has to live there for the next four years is you.


JMU Memory: Proposing to my wife with a day long scavenger hunt all over the campus

Dining Hall: PC Dukes

Vacation Spot: Anywhere a cruise ship is going

Movie: Singing in the Rain

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