Completing your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) is an essential part of the process if you want to be considered for government and JMU financial resources. The Office of Financial Aid will give first priority to students who file their FAFSA by March 1.

Scholarships and Grants

All scholarship and grant opportunities for incoming transfer students can be found on the Madison Scholarships Hub. To access the Madison Scholarships Hub, log in to MyMadison. Under the Applicant tab, click on the Madison Scholarships Hub logo.

All students are encouraged to fill out the General Application in the Madison Scholarships Hub to be considered for various scholarship opportunities. Qualifications for the majority of our scholarships are based on the General Application information as well as information pulled directly from your admissions application.

Deadlines vary across departments so be sure to complete the General Application as soon as possible to receive full consideration. Some scholarship opportunities become available starting in the fall while others open later so be sure to check back in January, February and March.

Notable Scholarships and Grants for Transfer Students

ONLY for VCCS transfer students

  • This grant is available to all eligible transfer students from the Virginia Community College System (VCCS)
  • Student may receive up to $2,000 for science, technology, engineering, or math (STEM) degree or up to $1,000 for all other majors


  1. Students must be transferring to a 4-year institution from a Virginia Community College
  2. Have earned an Associate’s degree with a minimum 3.0 GPA
  3. Must meet certain financial aid criteria (e.g. Virginia residency, estimated family contribution below $12,000, submitted FAFSA)
  4. Must be enrolled at JMU as a full-time undergraduate student

For students with a high financial need

Financing the cost of higher education is a major barrier that has kept qualified and deserving students from under-served backgrounds from attending college.

To meet this challenge, JMU developed the Centennial Scholars program to lower this barrier for qualified under-served students who would not be able to enroll at a four-year institution.

A merit-based scholarship with priority given to students completing their second year of college

The Madison Awards for Academic Excellence are merit-based awards which recognize a broad spectrum of accomplishment and potential. Academic colleges and departments are responsible for selecting individuals who posses scholastic achievement within a particular area of study and demonstrate promise to the university.


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