There are three application options to choose from and you only need to submit one. We have no preference among the three application platforms.

We recommend selecting the option that best compliments your college search and application process - details on each are below. When ready, begin your application and submit before the deadline.

Due to technical difficulties JMU does not accept the Common App for transfer applicants.

You may apply to JMU using one of these options:

 ApplyWeb Application

The ApplyWeb Application is JMU’s custom application, managed by our Office of Admissions.

After you begin your application, the server stores the information you enter under the private username and password you establish. You do not have to complete an application in one sitting. For example, you can start working on an application at your library's computer facility, save your work, access the application at home on your personal computer, and continue working from there. Wherever you have access to the web, you have access to the information you have saved.

With ApplyWeb, you can access your application or check to see if it has been received by JMU by using your Activity Log.

To create an account and start your ApplyWeb application, visit

 The Common App - Freshman Only

The Common Application (Common App) is a non-profit membership organization representing nearly 900 diverse institutions of higher education. Universities from all 50 U.S. states and 20 countries accept the Common App, which allows students to more easily apply to more than one school with commonly asked questions on their applications.

To apply to JMU using the Common App, you will need to complete the following steps:

  1. Create your profile at
  2. Add JMU to your college list
  3. Gather all of the required information and documents
  4. Submit your application

For more details about the Common App and how to apply, visit

Already have a Common App account? Start your application to JMU

 The Coalition Application

The Coalition for College is an application platform offered by a diverse group of more than 150 public and private U.S. colleges and universities. Every Coalition institution provides need-based financial aid or low-cost in-state tuition, and has a six-year graduation rate of at least 70%. JMU’s six-year graduation rate is 82%.

If your high school or community-based organization has incorporated the Coalition for College into your college search or you have already completed your Coalition Profile, the Coalition application may be your best option.

Other Details:

  • Coalition applicants will also need to respond to a number of JMU-specific supplemental questions.
  • The Coalition Application provides a free set of tools and guidance resources for students, counselors, community-based organizations, teachers and other mentors who assist with the process of applying to college.
  • The Coalition Application provides a private online space called the Locker, where students can collect and organize digital material that might help them prepare for their college search and application process. Only students have access to their Locker – however, they can share individual items from it with counselors or mentors for feedback and guidance. Students can also choose to attach selected items from the Locker to individual college applications based on college preferences. College admissions officers will NOT have access to the contents of a student's Locker.
    • NOTE: Prospective students should not invite JMU admissions counselors to collaborate on any items in their Locker, or invite them as a contact via the Coalition platform. Demonstrated interest is not a factor in JMU’s decision-making process.

To create an account, visit

Already have a Coalition account? Start your application to JMU.

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