Strategic Goal 3

Academic Affairs uses the division’s expertise and experience gained in the pandemic and beyond to learn, grow and innovate together in order to positively impact the world.

Objective 2

Develop JMU’s online capacity, presence and expertise. 


2-1.  Build on JMU’s prior investments in online policy and instructional practice. 
2-2.  Apply market research to decision-making around new areas of investment. 

2.3.  Integrate expertise across academic disciplines, course design, IT and educational technology, digital content and collections, and other relevant areas. 
2.4.  Highlight the potential transformational power of hybrid and online learning for students, JMU and partners across the commonwealth, with attention to the Online Virginia Network. 


A. Increase the number of academic online programs measuring from a baseline of 2018-19.

B. Increase the number of student enrollments in online programs measuring from a baseline of 2018-19.
Academic Affairs is working with Planning, Analytics and Institutional Research (PAIR) to gather online student enrollment data.
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