Strategic Goal 3

Academic Affairs uses the division’s expertise and experience gained in the pandemic and beyond to learn, grow and innovate together in order to positively impact the world.

Objective 3

Broaden worldviews and promote global understanding by cultivating, facilitating and supporting global engagement at home and abroad.


3-1. Create transformative international experiences through teaching and learning, partnerships and research, study abroad, virtual exchange, and meaningful engagement with and a welcoming environment for international students and scholars. 
3-2. Integrate cross-cultural perspectives and experiences into curricula and campus culture to develop globally competent students, faculty and staff. 

Action Items
  1. Establish a baseline for global engagement activities by the end of AY 2022-23 using the Global Engagement Reporting Tool (GERT) data. 

    1. GERT categories to be measured:

      1. Engage in activities abroad (research, performance, Fulbright, lecture, presentation, exhibition, partnership development, program development, etc.)

      2. Host international visitor or delegation 

      3. Engage in activities at home or abroad to develop curriculum, a program or virtual exchange that focuses on student global learning outcomes. 

      4. Engage in activities to recruit international students or faculty, to engage with alumni abroad or to nurture donor/business development relationships.  

  2. Develop the baseline metrics for the diversity of student participation in abroad programs by the end of AY 2022-23. The aspects of diversity measured will include:

    1. Non-White (described elsewhere as Black, Indigenous and People of Color)

    2. 25 or older at entry

    3. Received a Pell grant

    4. From a county/city in the lowest quintile for higher education attainment in Virginia (Appomattox, Bath, Bland, Brunswick, Buchanan, Buckingham, Caroline, Charles City, Cumberland, Dickenson, Dinwiddie, Essex, Grayson, Greensville, Henry, Russell, Schott, Southampton, Sussex, Tazewell, Westmorland, Wise)   

    5. First generation college students

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