Strategic Goal 3

Academic Affairs uses the division’s expertise and experience gained in the pandemic and beyond to learn, grow and innovate together in order to positively impact the world.

Objective 3

Broaden worldviews and promote global understanding by cultivating, facilitating and supporting global engagement at home and abroad.


3-1. Create transformative international experiences through teaching and learning, partnerships and research, study abroad, virtual exchange, and meaningful engagement with and a welcoming environment for international students and scholars. 
3-2. Integrate cross-cultural perspectives and experiences into curricula and campus culture to develop globally competent students, faculty and staff. 

3-3. Support international research to enhance JMU’s reputation, to connect institutions across the globe, and to become a prominent hub for hosting and convening expertise and producing research.

Action Items
  1. By the end of AY 2024-25, establish an evidence-based inventory of defined global engagement activities.
    1. Develop and adopt evidence-based model for data collection.

  2. Increase student and faculty participation in abroad activities and programs including virtual exchange, semester abroad, short term abroad programs and on-campus engagement in global experiences utilizing evidence-based practices and university data.

  3. By the end of AY 2023-24, enhance support for the internationalization of research in collaboration with Research, Economic Development and Innovation (REDI):
    1. Inventory current practices and resources dedicated to the internationalization of research. 
    2. Develop policies and procedures for the internationalization of research. 
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