Strategic Goal 1

There is a broad consensus that our future as a national university hinges on the establishment of a distinctive, JMU blend of liberal arts, research and professional education.

Objective 3

Support and expand JMU’s research and scholarship support infrastructure. 


3-1. Analyze existing research support for faculty; prioritize and strategically grow these supports: 

  • Startup funds at hire, including course releases or stipends 
  • Travel funds 
  • Educational leave 
  • Internal funded grants and awards - unit, college or university-wide 
  • Ad hoc grants and awards (CGE funding for travel, support from centers (e.g. AAAD, CCE, etc.)) 
  • Competitive awards (Senate mini-grants, Inclusive Research and Pedagogies Seed Funds, etc.) 
  • Externally funded but centrally managed grants and awards (4-VA, etc.) 

3-2. Analyze staffing levels for Libraries faculty, instructional faculty, and support staff; prioritize and strategically grow staffing. 

3-3. Analyze, prioritize and strategically grow research resources including databases, collections and academic software. 

3-4. Increase total research expenditures as reported through the National Science Foundation (NSF) Higher Education Research & Development Survey (HERD).

  1. JMU research expenditures will increase by 5% annually as reported through the Higher Education Research and Development (HERD) Survey.

Goal 1, Objective 3: HERD Data
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