Strategic Goal 1

There is a broad consensus that our future as a national university hinges on the establishment of a distinctive, JMU blend of liberal arts, research and professional education.

Objective 4

Pursue renewal of JMU’s core curriculum to provide all undergraduates with a high-quality General Education program.


4-1. Use the 2021-22 APR to develop recommendations for revising and renewing JMU’s core curriculum to better incorporate contemporary expectations for the liberal arts and sciences. 

4-2. Expand communication and messaging about the General Education program’s role in JMU’s unique blend of liberal arts, research and professional education. 

4-3. Analyze staffing levels needed to meet SCHEV base adequacy guidelines; strategically grow full-time instructional positions to support the instructional needs of our core curriculum. 

Action Items
  1. By the end of AY 2022-23, the Core Curriculum Appraisal Task Force (CCATF) will have developed a plan for campus engagement and hired an outside consultant with expertise in general education reform to advise on change management processes.

  2. By the end of AY 2023-24, the CCATF will have:

    1. facilitated broad discussions with faculty about preferences and priorities for general education renewal,

    2. provided summaries of feedback from faculty and other stakeholders to the campus community, and

    3. proposed a process for campus consideration and adoption of structural changes to the JMU general education program that provides opportunities for input beyond current requirements.

  3. During the summer of 2024, JMU will send a team to the AAC&U Institute on General Education and Assessment (IGEA). The team (a majority of whom will be instructional faculty members) will be charged with identifying and proposing general education reforms aligned with the JMU and Academic Affairs Strategic Plans.

  4. During AY 2024-2025, the JMU IGEA team’s recommendation will be considered by instructional faculty through existing processes or new processes adopted under B.3.  

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