Strategic Goal 1

There is a broad consensus that our future as a national university hinges on the establishment of a distinctive, JMU blend of liberal arts, research and professional education.

Objective 2

Support and ensure competitiveness and sustainability of JMU’s graduate enterprise.


2-1. Analyze existing support structure for graduate students, programs and faculty. 

2-2. Prioritize and strategically grow support structure to ensure: 

  • Competitiveness and sustainability of the eight research doctoral programs. 
  • Adequate and efficient use of assistantship (tuition and stipend) budgets. 
  • Competitive graduate assistantship award amounts. 
  • Adequate auxiliary support such as housing, health insurance, graduate student instructor parking, etc. 
  • Adequate Graduate School and program-level administrative support for all graduate programs. 
  • Sufficient faculty hiring for optimal doctoral program staffing, including sustainable course loads for doctoral faculty.  

2-3. Strategic development of new doctoral programs with sufficient resources to address needs of the Commonwealth of Virginia. 

  1. At least 98% of graduate degree earners will have a positive career outcome within six months of graduating. (Primary Measure of University Strategic Priority #1)
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