• Monitor the prevalence of general upper respiratory illness within the JMU community
  • Monitor the prevalence of COVID-19 within the JMU campus community
  • Monitor local, state and national COVID-19 activity status to inform how the local situation compares and how the local situation may be affected
  • Monitor the local medical community capacity to respond to COVID-19
  • Monitor the availability of quarantine and isolation spaces for on-campus students
  • Monitor on-campus living, which includes Residence Life, dining facilities, study spaces/libraries and recreational spaces
  • Monitor classes and the effect of illness on students and faculty as related to academics
  • Monitor employee health situation regarding COVID-19
  • Monitor if the designed responses to COVID-19 are providing the support needed to students, faculty and staff
  • Monitor best practices from across the commonwealth and the country on handling COVID-19
  • Support the UHC in testing, tracing and other COVID-19 response activities
  • Coordinate with Communications and Marketing and advise on the university’s COVID-19 communications
  • Monitor best practices from across the commonwealth and the country on handling COVID-19
  • Provide regular updates to the Senior Leadership Team

Marsha Mays-Bernard, Multicultural Awareness and Student Health, Co-Chair
Kristina Blyer, University Health Center, Co-Chair
Brent Beringer, Dining (Aramark)
Paul Campbell, Access and Enrollment
Mike Davis, President's Office
Chuck Flick, Human Resources
Keith Grant, Faculty Senate
Andy Guertler, University Health Center
Paula Maxwell, Faculty and Curriculum
Kevin Meaney, Office of Residence Life
Rudy Molina, Academic Student Success and Enrollment Management
Towana Moore, Facilities Management
Bethany Nowviskie, JMU Libraries 
Caitlyn Read, University Communications

Community Partners
Megan Tiernan, Central Shenandoah Health District
Rebecca Nicely, Sentara-RMH Medical Center

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