Teaching evaluations provide formative professional development feedback to the faculty and promote high-quality learning experiences for our students. The 2012 Student Evaluations of Teaching Task Force Report called for the establishment of a standing committee to work with the academic community and the Blue Team to increase awareness of the functionalities and processes related to successful use of the Blue system. More specifically, these committee members were meant to meet with departments, analyze feedback surveys, identify implementation problems and suggest solutions, work with IT, and circulate information.

Building on this recommendation, the Provost has established the Committee on Evaluations of Teaching. This working group has a co-chair model with one administrator chair and one 10-month faculty member chair. The charge of this committee is to:

  • Support faculty in their efforts to develop and assess their teaching
  • Explore the efficacy evaluation practices
  • Engage with the academic community to share information and learn about local experiences
  • Make recommendations to the provost and division as needed.


  • John Burgess, Associate Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs & Curriculum, Co-Chair
  • Adam Vanhove, College of Business, Co-Chair
  • Daisy Breneman, University Advising 
  • Matthew Chamberlin, University Studies
  • Becky Childs, College of Arts & Letters, AUH (English) 
  • Zach Fleming, SGA Academic Affairs Chair, Student Representative 
  • Elizabeth Karam, College of Business, AUH (Business Management & MBA Program)
  • Kara Kavanagh, College of Education
  • Jessica Lantz, Libraries
  • John Lee, Graduate Student Representative
  • Christine Robinson, College of Arts & Letters
  • Ayasakanta Rout, College of Health and Behavioral Studies
  • Samuel Suggs, College of Visual & Performing Arts
  • Emily York, College of Integrated Science & Engineering


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