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Mac SSH: How to access Educ(formerly Peregrin)!

NOTE: This program is not supported by the JMU Computing HelpDesk!
To download this program please go to the below link.

  • Open MacSSHPPC.sit file and it will unpack itself into a folder on your desktop
  • A new folder will appear called MacSSH PPC

  • Open the folder to see its contents
  • Locate the MacSSH PPC file and open it

  • A different set of menus will appear at the top of the screen (although no new windows appear)

  • Click on the File menu and select Open Connection....

  • The following window should appear

  • Enter the host name as shown below

  • Now enter your JMU e-ID as the Educ user name and password

  • This will bring you to a terminal window
  • From here you can type in the commands to make your Educ site viewable to all