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  1. Check Eligibility: In order to apply for a WRTC internship, you must meet the following requirements:
    • WRTC 300 completed
    • WRTC 301 completed
    • Junior or Senior standing
  2. Find an Internship: Think about what kind of experience you would like to have. Most companies are glad to have qualified interns. Think big and don't be afraid to ask.
  3. Contact the Internship Coordinator: Email Cindy Allen (allen2cj@jmu.edu) to discuss your plans.
  4. Submit Paperwork: All requireed internship forms are available on the WRTC website. Internships MUST be approved before enrollment in WRTC 495 will be allowed.
  5. Get Started on Your Internship!: Register for WRTC 495. Upload bi-weekly reports including logged hours to Canvas. More information is available on the WRTC website.

Undergraduate students in the WRTC major must complete an internship as part of their core requirements. Upon completion of this requirement, WRTC students will earn three credits in WRTC 495.

The WRTC internship is designed to allow students to incorporate field experience with WRTC course work, to observe communication processes, and to apply effective written, interpersonal, and public communication skills.

In order to receive WRTC credit for an internship, students must be enrolled in WRTC 495 during the term they are interning, devote a minimum of 150 hours of work in an approved position, complete bi-weeky reports, and write a closeout report that evaluates the internship experience. The student must also request an evaluation from the internship provider. An internship may be completed during the regular academic year or during the summer term. Regular JMU registration dates and deadlines apply.

Students are eligible to apply for an internship at any time after completing WRTC 300 and 301 (and be either junior or senior status), but it's never too early to collect information about possible employers. Looking at websites and networking will help you identify opportunities. See resource links below for more information.

Students are encouraged to seek their own internship experiences in much the same way they will seek jobs after graduation. The first step is to think about what kind of experience you want to get out of an internship and where you see yourself in your career after graduation. Think big! Most companies are glad to have qualified interns. In the past, WRTC students have held internships with local, out-of-state, and international companies and organizations.

Once an internship position has been secured, contact Dr. Elizabeth Pass at passer@jmu.edu to gain approval for the internship.

No. When registering for a summer internship, you will be enrolling in a 3-credit summer term course. You will be billed by the University Business Office at the current summer credit hour rate.

Please note: You may not receive internship credit after the fact. Be sure to obtain approval and enroll in WRTC 495 before doing the internship.

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