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Photoshop Fix

~ Cynthia Martin

Photoshop Fix is a mobile app for iOS and Android. It introduces photo retouching options that allow you to "fix" and enhance your images.With it, you can heal blemishes, adjust the shape of facial features using liquify, smooth or sharpen skin, dodge and burn your image, add vignettes, and perform basic image adjustments like brightening or adding contrast.

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Photoshop Mix

~Cynthia Martiin

Photoshop Mix is a mobile app for iOS and Android. It introduces compositing options. You can remove and replace objects from your images, combine multiple images, work with different layers and blend modes, perform basic image edits, and otherwise just mix different images together into a single composite.

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Photoshop Express

~Lori Beth De Hertogh

Photoshop Express is a mobile app for iOS and Android. It offers basic editing tools, resizing and cropping, Instagram-esque filters, RAW image support, blemish removal, text overlays, borders, and a collage maker.

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