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Writing Opportunities

RhetTech Undergraduate Journal

RhetTech--founded at James Madison University by the School of Writing, Rhetoric and Technical Communication in 2017--is a revamp of JMU's longtime online journal for work generated in university writing courses. RhetTech showcases exemplary work being done in undergraduate writing, rhetoric, and technical communication courses around the country. The journal is run by young scholars in JMU's School of Writing, Rhetoric and Technical Communication.

Learn More: RhetTech Website

Anna Maria Johnson
RhetTech Faculty Adviser

James Madison Undergraduate Research Journal (JMURJ)

JMURJ is a multidisciplinary, student-run, peer-reviewed undergraduate academic journal that gives undergraduates an outlet for their research and scholarship while preparing them for their experiences beyond JMU.

JMURJ's mission is to promote, publish, and share the excellent research and scholarship by undergraduate students across James Madison University. JMURJ seeks to connect James Madison University's undergraduate students in all fields of study with their peers, their school, and their community.

Learn More: JMURJ Website

Kevin Jefferson
JMURJ Faculty Adviser  

Student Organizations

STC Student Chapter

The Society for Technical Communication offers a unique opportunity for members to seek recognition for their work and obtain professional contacts. STC is comprised of over 23,000 individual members throughout the world, making it the largest organization of its kind.

The James Madison University STC Student Chapter was established in the fall of 1999, offering students a venue for exploring networking and applied skills.


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Hands-on Learning Opportunities

JMU X-Labs

Hacking for Defense, Hacking for Diplomacy, Hacking for Democracy.

These are but a few of the JMU X-Labs courses WRTC students have participated in recently. JMU x-Labs courses are designed to teach innovation with intention. These multi-disciplinary classes challenge students to tackle "messy," real-world problems that resist easy solutions.


Read about recent WRTC involvement: The Farmer's Market Goes Online, 

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