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Adobe Spark Page

~Kristin Knapp

Adobe Spark Page is a free web and mobile app that allows users to create engaging template-based visual stories. 

Adobe Spark Page information

Example: WRTC Engagement story

Example: personal portfolio

Digital Media

~Sarah O'Connor

This project allows students to translate a text assignment from earlier in the semester or a subject related to an issue discussed in class into a new persuasive text using multimedia tools. 

Digital Media Project - WRTC 201

Example: Student Project


~Heather Comfort

Atavist is a multimedia publishing platform that enables students to create projects using blocks of video, sound, slideshows, and charts. Blocks work in projects as well as on website pages: animate the page with a Giphy, include a map block or embed a SoundCloud file.

Atavist assignment

Atavist information

Pecha Kucha

~Seán McCarthy

Originating in Japan, pecha kucha is a presentation methodology that uses very specific rules: speakers present for six minutes and forty seconds (no more, no less) using twenty presentation software slides that are timed at twenty seconds each.   

Pecha Kucha assignment

Pecha Kucha information

Creative Nonfiction Digital Vignettes

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