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‘I did federal consulting for my internship. My client was a federal client. I enjoyed it a lot and, by the end of the experience, PriceWaterhouse was pleased with my performance and offered me a full-time position that I accepted in the fall.’

Connor Arnone (’15, ’16M)

Did you know you wanted to major in accounting before you came to JMU?

No. Not at all. I knew I wanted to do something in business, and I knew that our College of Business was great — great placement in both getting a great first job and with grad school — so, after meeting with my academic counselor and scheduling all the prerequisites I needed to take for COB, I ended up taking Accounting 241 and 242. I discovered that I liked accounting and that I was good at it. Everything really clicked for me and I really enjoyed it, so I decided that accounting was for me and I would go for it.

Do you think your PriceWaterhouseCoopers job happened because of your internship there?

No question about it. I used our awesome Recruit-A-Duke program to look for an internship. I applied for a bunch of interviews — there are a lot of companies that come to campus to interview for internships — and I ended up getting an offer this summer for an internship with PriceWaterhouse. Coach Withers and the rest of the football staff were gracious enough to let me do that internship during the summer in Northern Virginia. I did federal consulting. My client was a federal client. I enjoyed it a lot and, by the end of the internship experience, PriceWaterhouse was pleased with my performance and offered me a full-time position that I accepted in the fall. It felt good to sign on with the company. It certainly took away a lot of stress and a lot of pressure to have a job before I have even finished my undergrad. 

Connor Arnone in action

Why not just coast through classes senior year now that you already have a job?

At first I was thinking that there was really no more pressure for me to succeed in the classroom but, just being the kind of guy that I am, I’m trying to close out strong. I had a really good fall semester this year. I actually made Dean’s List, and that was with Accounting 344, which is Intermediate Accounting II. That’s probably one of the harder classes that we have to take. Making Dean’s List was a lot of work, and I’m glad I did the extra that it took.

Is there a lot of math in accounting?

Accounting is not really math, and it’s definitely not as much math as most people think. It’s a whole different kind of ballgame. It’s not a lot of formulas and trying to come up with a number. It’s more about determining where certain numbers come from and where they go in terms of a particular company’s financial statement.

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How do you think the 2016 JMU football Dukes will do?

I’m excited. I think we had a good foundation set for us this year. The seniors did a nice job of leading us, so now as seniors on the team, it’s our turn to carry that forward. I think all the pieces are in place personnel-wise. We definitely need to keep improving a lot but I like who we are, and if we keep working hard during the off-season and well into the season, we should be better than last year. Going 9-4 was a good year, but that’s not our goal any more. It’s not our goal just to make the playoffs. We want to go as far as we can. We want to be the last team standing.

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Connor Arnone (’15, ’16M)

Major: Accounting
Minor: CIS
Hometown: Williamsport, Md.
Highlights: Dingledine Scholar; kicker on the JMU football team; landed a job with PriceWaterhouseCoopers before graduation, thanks in part to an internship he did as an undergrad; will pursue an MBA while playing his redshirt senior season on the gridiron; parents Nancy and Brian Arnone are JMU graduates, and his dad was a JMU football Duke.

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