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Fall 2017 Dates and Deadlines

Consultant Roadmap (useful as a handout)

Helpful Hints for Logging Time Entries

UWC Volunteer Opportunities

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Fall 2017 Dates and Deadlines


opening all-staff meeting 2:30-4:30 in the UWC: welcome (back), a refresher on session priorities and management; online consultant news and advice; completing and using report forms


UWC opens for the semester


all-staff meeting 2:30-4:15: genre awareness and rhetorical approaches to consulting


all-staff meeting 2:30-4:15: beyond the directive/non-directive polarity; scaffolding; @3:00, Director Kirt Davies on Prestigious Scholarships.


all-staff meeting 2:30-4:15: helping with grammar, punctuation, and style; we'll discuss rehire paperwork


deadline to submit Spring 2017 schedule availability through this Doodle Poll


deadline to inform Jared that you are interested in working during Finals Week (hours will depend on the UWC budget)


UWC is closed for Thanksgiving Break (including both Sundays)


final all-staff meeting 2:30-4:15: distressed students and referrals


last day of Fall 2017 classes


only UWC faculty and graduate assistants are required to work during Finals Week


UWC Consulting Roadmap

Refer to or share the UWC Consulting Roadmap handout as a quick reference guide regarding the James Madison University Writing Center's Mission, Vision, and Values; marks of consulting excellence; and essential components of consulting practice.


UWC Volunteer Opportunities: The Next Step

You consult in a university writing center. You help students in academic disciplines across the university to become better writers. You took a semester-long course in UWC theory and practice before you were hired. Since then, you've attended and participated in all UWC all-staff and small-group professional development meetings.

Good! Great, even! What's the second paragraph in your personal statement, or the deeper talking point in your job or grad school interview? What's the story you want tell about your UWC experience twenty years from now?

You don't need to plan that far ahead. Just take a little step: if you're interested in digging a bit deeper into a particular aspect of the UWC experience, or if you want to start building a bigger-picture view of what we're doing in the UWC, simply express your interest in one of the UWC's volunteer opportunities (starting with the list below). And/or express your interest in exploring a connection between your UWC expertise and a local writing community. As you consider taking this first small step, know that your UWC colleagues will notice, encourage, and celebrate your engagement.

  • Write for the UWC News. Immerse yourself even more deeply in UWC events, people, and achievements...and share them with a wider audience. Gain valuable writing experience, get clips, and share what you do as a UWC consultant. We may put out calls for writers with specific story ideas, but we're also open to proposals. If you want to write for the UWC, or if you want to propose or draft or even submit a specific story (on your own or as part of a team), good. Contact Jared or Kevin.
  • Promote the UWC’s awesomeness to your fellow JMU students. Let Lucy ( know if you're interested. She will train you to give our 15-minute UWC intro presentation and schedule you to visit classes that request this presentation.


UWC Email Archive: Fall 2017

Monday, October 30, 2017 9:22 AM: Important Reminders

Colleagues, please read this important reminders before your shifts this week. 

Over the next couple of weeks, students from Paul Mabrey’s SCOM 280 (Introduction to Communication Research Methods) class will be coming in with drafts of their research proposal literature reviews. The professor has requested that these sessions not be observed, and we’ve agreed to honor that request. This means that if you are mentoring a tutor-in-training, you should not do any co-tutoring in sessions that involve clients from Paul Mabrey’s SCOM 280 class. Moreover, you should not complete any observations of your fellow tutors during these sessions. Thank you for your flexibility

Also, please note that all tutors should be accepting walk-in clients if you don’t have an appointment. This means that you should also take walk-ins if your appointment is over and you have at least 15 minutes before your next appointment or the end of the shift. If your time is limited, just tell the clients exactly how long you can work with them. For example, you might say, “I have 20 minutes before my next appointment, so I’d be happy to work with you for that time.” If your appointment slot for that hour has been taken and you’ve worked with a walk-in, file the walk-in session report as an “off-schedule client report form.” For more details on this process, see the Field Manual entry.

"Wednesday, October 11, 2017 11:03 AM: Friday All-Staff Meeting!

Just reminding everyone that we have a mandatory all-staff meeting this Friday from 2:30-4:15. We will have Kurt Davies from Prestigious Scholarships joining us, and we will also explore the practice of scaffolding in writing center consultations. 

Please take the game day traffic and parking into consideration, so that you can make arrangements to get here on time. 

Jared Jay Featherstone, MFA

Wednesday, September 27, 2017 9:56 AM: UWC Social Media Accounts

Undergraduate consultants, the UWC social media accounts are sadly neglected. We have Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Youtube (not really social media, but related). If you would like some social media experience on your resume or just love doing this sort of thing, please contact me right away. Thanks!

Jared Jay Featherstone, MFA

Tuesday, September 12, 2017 12:15 PM: Communications Internship Opportunity

Peer tutors, a former student passed this along to me. She oversees digital communication for the National Building Museum in DC. They need  help with "writing, social media, and event posting plus the occasional editing for Museum materials." The intern can work remotely from here. This is an excellent opportunity! 

If you apply, you might mention that you heard about this from me. Could help. Here's the link: 

Jared Jay Featherstone, MFA

Monday, September 11, 2017 1:40 PM: Hospitality Follow-Up

UWC Hospitality Schedule

Colleagues, I just wanted to update you about our policy for greeting clients. 

1. See the attached schedule of designated greeters. For each shift, I have designated a greeter. If you are on the greeter chart, then you are the point person for that shift. You'll be expected to greet all visitors, see that clients sit at the waiting table (round center table), and answer any questions. I think it's a good idea to let your clients know you may have to pause to greet people because that is part of your job. The greeter schedule is also posted above the name tag rack. 

2. Avoid tutoring at the round table directly in front of the UWC entrance. You will see a sign on that table that instructs clients to have a seat there. Having this waiting area will make it less confusing for everyone. If you are expecting a client, you should be alert to people sitting at that waiting table. 

If you have any questions, please contact me. 

Jared Jay Featherstone, MFA

Tuesday, September 5, 2017 1:41 PM: Welcome Back!

Colleagues, I'm sorry I couldn't make it to our opening meeting Friday. I was looking forward to seeing everyone, but a family matter came up. We already have quite a few appointments which might forecast a busy semester for the UWC. I hope you are all excited to begin tutoring. 

Just a few reminders and announcements. 

*If you have more than one semester of experience in the UWC and you would like to try some online tutoring, please contact me or stop by my office. The demand for this service is increasing, so we will likely need more people.

*Remember to fill out your professional development logs via the Google Form. You should have received your personal link in an email message. We will soon post the materials from Friday's presentation (in case you forget any details of the process) on the Tutor Resources page. 

*We could use a few more tutors in Brian's (our librarian in residence) pro dev group. Here's what they will focus on:

RESEARCHING 101 — Searching in the Library. This professional development group will write an entry on “Doing Research” for the University Writing Center’s Tutor Field Manual. We will focus on the merits of tools such as library databases, catalogs, and Google. We will also focus on source credibility, providing tips for clients on how to determine if sources are scholarly, popular, or misleading.

*In terms of Friday's discussion about creating a welcoming environment for all UWC visitors, we have considered your input. We'll be designating a greeter/coordinator for each shift, so that everyone will know who has the responsibility and so we can avoid redundancy. If you are interested in this role and want to volunteer, please contact me very soon. Otherwise, you'll be hearing from me. Also, we are going to designate the round table in the middle of the UWC (previously the walk-in client waiting area) as the general client waiting area. Ideally, all clients will sit there so we can easily find them. 

*If you are looking to begin or develop a meditation practice, I am teaching a free 4-week Koru Mindfulness course. Here's a description and registration link:

We are offering a free 4-week course at JMU starting 9/15 that meets on Fridays from 1-2:15 in the Health and Behavioral Studies building. Please pass this on to others who might be interested. Here’s the info:

The Koru Mindfulness program was developed over the course of a decade by psychiatrists Holly Rogers, MD & Margaret Maytan, MD to bring the benefits of mindfulness to the college students they worked with at Duke University’s student counseling center. Koru Mindfulness is an evidence-based curriculum specifically designed for teaching mindfulness, meditation, and stress management to college students and other young adults. This course is taught by Jared Featherstone (University Writing Center) and Chris Fasching-Maphis (School of Nursing). 

To register, click on the following link:

Here's to a low-stress start to the semester!

Jared Jay Featherstone, MFA

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